Snow White Cleaners are a professional, close-working team of non-agency employees who are passionate about providing an unrivalled service in cleaning excellence.

Snow White Cleaners is the go-to company for private residents, the public sector, and private landlords who need houses/offices cleaned quickly, thoroughly and hygienically.

We have designed our cleaning to assist you in getting your home or office clean. We discuss your needs and evaluate your situation with you to develop and implement our cleaning services based on your exact needs, meeting your specific demands, on your schedule with our cleaning services!
All Snow White Cleaners are rigorously vetted and insured. We filter the candidates and would like to ensure that only the most suitable ones are let through.

Our cleaners receive a pay rate far higher than minimum wage from their clients – significantly more than the majority of our competitors pay – and is because we value their work, their commitment and their experience. Our cleaners don’t just clean your house or office… they add the Snow White sparkle to every site they visit and we are extremely confident that you will be very pleased with the end result.

Our team are dedicated and committed to continuous improvement, keeping ahead at all times with not only industry

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