is a newly established family ran cleaning company. As a new company at the market we seek to impose on the market and to prove to our customers that we are able to satisfy all their needs.
We have designed our cleaning to assist you in getting your home clean. We discuss your needs and evaluate your situation with you to develop and implement our cleaning services based on your exact needs, meeting your specific demands, on your schedule with our cleaning services!
We are aware that letting a stranger in your home is a risk which not everyone is willing to take; therefore you rest and let us worry about the security of your home. For your peace of mind we guarantee:

All Snow White Cleaners are rigorously vetted and insured. We filter the candidates and would like to ensure that only the most suitable ones are let through. We ask for passports, proof of address, references from previous and current employers. Throughout the interviewing process upon approval and based on previous experience the cleaning operatives are subject to further in-house training.

Our house cleaners are key holders. In the unlikely event of misplaced or lost keys we will cover the cost of replacement.

We have placed customer focused team working around the clock to solve any problems that may arise. 24 hours email monitoring service is in place for quick and efficient action when needed.

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