How much time do you spend to clean your house? A study by Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co. KG. finds out. In 2018 the company did research among 959 British respondents in the age group 18-65. According to the results, 37% of the people clean their homes up to one hour per week. Sixteen percents of the respondents clean up to two hours. The same amount of people said that they spend up to three hours per week cleaning.

32% of the asked people answered that they clean more than three hours. Here are all of the results, published by

Hours cleaning per week Share of respondents
Up to 1 hour 37%
1- up to 2 hours 16%
2 – up to 3 hours 16%
3 – up to 4 hours 11%
4 – up to 5 hours 6%
5 – up to 6 hours 4%
6 – up to 10 hours 7%
10 hours or more 4%

If you are one of the people that spend more than three hours a week in cleaning or if you want to have a perfectly clean home, contact us. We can save your time and make your house crystal clear.


Source of statistics data:

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